The National Autism Conference

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One of the highlights during my reign as Mrs. Midwest International 2015 was attending the National Autism Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL as the Conference Host and International Ambassador for the Autism Hope Alliance.

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This event was particularly special as I was able to work alongside the president of the Autism Hope Alliance, Kristin Selby Gonzalez. Not only did we work the exhibit area, we also filmed interviews for “Autism Approved” and “Two Minute Tips” with professionals from around the country.

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The keynote speaker was best selling author, Dr. Temple Grandin. The lecture room was packed to the walls with parents. Many were sitting on the floor listening as every chair was filled! She offered GREAT info and suggestions for children throughout the autism spectrum. She also was kind enough to share hours of her time answering questions from parents and professional who attended the conference.  She is amazing!

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I was fortunate to meet up with some of my “warrior mom” friends from TEAM TMR and catch up on protocols, products, and therapies. I am so grateful for these women and their unending strength and determination to help their children. There is nothing like a friend who truly understands your struggles and will support you no mater what! As I always say, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” We need to stick together in order to create change in the world we live in, and bring the epidemic of autism to an end.


“Their future depends on our courage”

Heidi Scheer

Mrs. Midwest International 2015