A chip and a smile!

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”Hippocrates

I had an amazing experience with a very special girl and her mother while attending the TACA “Real Help Now” Autism Conference in St Paul, MN.

As the Conference Host for the Autism Hope Alliance, I am blessed to be able to give free products to autism families. This is quite amazing as many families cannot afford to try new foods for their children’s specific dietary needs and are stuck with very limited choices. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are able to give away many samples so they can try them for free!


About three hours into the conference, I was approached by a mom who told me about her 11 year old daughter’s diet and how difficult it was to have to say “no” to her when it came to many foods due to her food allergies and sensitivities. She was unable to process to gluten, dairy, corn, soy and potatoes, as well as may other foods and spices.

The great news she shared was that her daughter had improved exponentially after removing foods that were causing many of the symptoms that were preventing her from spending much time with her peers. After implementing a diet designed especially by their physician and nutritionist, she dramatically improved. She is now able to attend school and is mainstreamed (with her peers) for half of her school day. She is no longer filled with anxiety, fogginess, and pain!

As she was telling me her story, she was reading every label on every product at my table and picked up this one! Beanfields Sea Salt flavor Bean and Rice Chips.

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“Oh my, I think she can eat these! The question is, will she like them?” She then set them down and said, “I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later she returned with her daughter. “I think I found a chip for you honey!” Her daughter’s eyes grew large and a huge smile appeared on her face. She had limited language, however she could communicate clearly how much it would mean to her to have something in her lunch like very one else…a bag of chips! She tried them and loved them! I gave them all the Sea Salt flavor chips I had left and I will NEVER forget the gratitude or smiles on both of their faces!

Something many of us take for granted had given this little girl more joy than you may have seen from a typical child receiving their all time favorite toy on their birthday. WOW!

Something to think about for sure~

Thank you Beanfields for caring about our kids and making a difference in the lives of families with autism!

Diet has been the number one therapy for our son over the past ten years of treatments. We have learned that food can be medicine or poison. Education is key!

“Their future depends on our Courage”

Heidi Scheer