The best 48 seconds ever!

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Last week marked the end of 7th grade for our son Gannon, and he has amazed us with his continued improvements!

As many of you know, Gannon was diagnosed at the age of 4 with autism. He was unable to speak a sentence and unable to go out in public due to the fact that he had no concept of fear and he was a runner. He had a hard time with loud noises and spent about three years with his fingers in his ears throughout most of his days. The only way to go to a large public venue would be to have Gannon on a leash to ensure his safety, and that was something we were not willing to do. He also could not function in large echoey rooms such as gymnasiums or indoor pools.  We were prisoners in our own home for years as we tried everything we could to help him improve. From diets, to therapies, to numerous biomedical protocols…we tried just about everything.

We have been incredibly blessed with significant gains over the past ten years and consider him a “real life” miracle who has beat all the odds and has accomplished goals that have surpassed everything we ever hoped for!

I posted this short video on Facebook and was overwhelmed with the messages I received so I am adding it here for all my friends who are not on Facebook.

Gannon’s final exam for his 7th grade drama class was to perform a music mime from the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s eras. Due to malfunctions of two professionals cameras, our video recorder, and my cell phone, this is all we have. He chose Chuck Berry and choreographed his performance himself!

Due to four cameras malfunctioning, we only have a short clip of his performance.

This was the greatest 48 seconds of our past ten years. Never give up and NEVER allow others to tell you what you child can NOT do! HOPE is real and recovery from autism is possible!


God Bless,

Heidi Scheer

“Their future depends on our courage.”