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Oh happy day!

I have been working on creating a new Non-GMO snack bar for many months and am excited to release our label! This bar is organic, free of the top ten allergens, and made in a dedicated facility! ALL proceeds from this fantastic new superfood protein bar will go directly to the Autism Hope Alliance in efforts to help even more families who are in need of education, resources, and treatments for their children with autism. I am grateful to represent this incredible non-profit organization that contributes to MANY autism organizations who are making a difference in the lives of others.


I would like to send  a special thank you to Thomas and Candice Bradstreet for the use of their pristine facility. Not only is Candice Foods a dedicated facility free of the top ten allergens, it also filled with The Lord’s scripture which brings a smile to my face every time I visit!

If you know of any health food stores, physician offices, schools, or spas that would be interested in carrying our bars, please email me at heidi@mightyguts.com.


“Their future depends on our courage”

Heidi Scheer