My heart and soul in swarovski!

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I am not even sure how to begin this post. Let’s go back to 2005, when I made a phone call to a jewelry designer who had designed some amazing swarovski crystal earrings for a friend of mine. A sweet voice answered the phone and from the moment our conversation began, I knew I had a friend for life. I am speaking of the incredibly talented Stefanie Somers! Over the past tens years of competing, Miss Stefanie has continued to “WOW” me with the most beautiful custom designed jewelry made especially for ME! I cannot even imagine stepping on stage without her sparkly creations!

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Stefanie at the Atlanta Apparel Market. Not only did we grow closer as friends, we also learned of the many things we had in common. In the midst of discussing my plans to compete for another platform title, a brainstorm was born. This brainstorm became reality about two months later when I received two little black boxes in the mail.  Stefanie and I had discussed creating a piece of jewelry that would represent my platform “Treating the Puzzle of Autism”, as well as, my lifetime commitment of helping families with autism in any way that I can. Tears ran down my cheek when I saw this!!

Of course I needed a fabulous pair of earrings to wear with this amazing pendant.

Stefanie took care of that too!


Over the years, I have come to trust Stefanie with much more than creating winning jewelry for my competitions. I trust her as a dear friend and I thank The Lord for bringing her into my life. Words cannot express the emotion that flowed through me when I opened the boxes!

Thank you my dear Stefanie, and thank you Mark. I love you both!