professional_006As the international ambassador and conference host for The Autism Hope Alliance, my intent in sharing (about Autism, charity, the correlation between foods containing Gluten and Casein and Autism) is to help you realize that no matter how busy your life is, there is always time to help others.

Like many of you, I wear multiple hats; a parent always on the go, a business owner who knows the feeling of exhaustion and an advocate who often feels overwhelmed. In the midst of this, though, I remind myself that only few hours of my time can change the life of someone else… forever. The same can be true with you!

For me, family comes first, and after that there are 3 main areas that remain the focus of my valuable time:


My son is living proof that autism is treatable and recovery is possible. As the Conference Host and International Ambassador for the Autism Hope Alliance, I am committed to sharing the message of hope and raising awareness about treatment options available for children on the autism spectrum.


This opens doors for me to “spread the word” about autism. As a competitor and winner of many pageants, I have the opportunity to speak to a broad array of people in many different professions and industries. And my public appearances are a great opportunity to meet people “one-on-one” and let them know that autism is treatable.


Traveling with my husband and “Scheer Genius Productions” provides the perfect opportunity to educate children about solid core values like conflict resolution, character building, problem solving and diversity. By assisting my husband with his shows, I give back to our community in a way that blesses their children. We regularly perform before thousands of children throughout Michigan and Ohio. This, and my pageant business, has allowed me to pursue my lifelong dream of being an at home mom to my three beautiful children.

Busy? Of course!
But life is NEVER TOO busy if you do the things that you know will matter, and help change the world around you in the process. If we all do our part with devotion and passion, we will secure a better place for future generations.

Thank you for visiting.