I have found with Gannon, as is true for many children on the Autism Spectrum, ingesting foods containing gluten (the protein found in grains) or casein (the protein found in dairy) causes extreme pain, anxiety, and behavior issues, as they lack the enzymes it takes to break them down and digest them properly.

Our children are getting “high” on these foods, and they often crave them like a drug addict craves their drugs. After finding out that Gannon had a severe gluten intolerance, we removed it from his diet. For the first time in his life, he started speaking in sentences and was able to say, “I love you too, mommy.”

Unfortunately, many of the gluten-free food options do not taste very good, so that is why we are sharing his favorites here! Raw fruits and vegetables are always best, but we need snacks for parties, school, and other special occasions.


The following foods have been given an enthusiastic “thumbs up” by Gannon.


Where to purchase

Between the stores listed below, you will be able to find these products. Not all of these stores carry all products!

The Better Health Store
Hillers Market
Whole Foods