Gannon’s Story

  1. Our darkest day.
  2. How we removed the gluten.
  3. Why I am doing this.
  4. After 3 years of biomedical treatments Gannon shares a message of hope.

2009 USAAA Conference

  1. How I got started.
  2. Autoimmune history?
  3. Autism treatments. A mother’s story.
  4. Diet!
  5. We discovered Gluten was our Poison.
  6. Extreme Sensitivity to Water
  7. A Huge Milestone: Going to the Movies!

2009 AMAB International Conference

  1. Opening up to OUR world – Conquering Obsessions!
  2. Facing family challenges and negativity.
  3. The benefits of HBOT therapy for Autism.
  4. Look Autism in the Eyes and Fight

2010 AMAB International Conference

  1. Heidi Scheer and her son Gannon speaking at the AMAB international autism conference.
  2. Supplements can make the all difference when dealing with autism.
  3. Mom’s need to SPEAK UP!

2011 AMAB International Conference

  1. Heidi Scheer shares a tip for helping your ASD child feel more comfortable in a general education classroom.

The Judson Center

  1. Where our journey began!

Spectrum 2013 – Healing Complex Kids

  1. Great Lakes International offers words of encouragement to parents of complex (special needs) children.

Warrior Mom’s Pajama Party 2014

  1. Inspiring words from guest speaker Heidi Scheer.

Autism Approved with Kirstin Selby Gonzalez

  1. Interview clip from Autism Approved with Kristin Selby Gonzalez and Mrs. Midwest International 2015, Heidi Scheer.

Current Affairs with State Rep. Kathy Angerer 2008

  1. State Representative Kathy Angerer Interviews Heidi Scheer, Autism Advocate on Current Affairs.